Hair Diaries

Hair Diaries

If you haven’t tried our new hair mists, run, don’t walk, over here. Each is specially formulated with hydrating panthenol and aloe vera to nourish every strand. Just a few spritzes revitalize your locks for a refreshed look and feel. Plus, an infusion of the scents you love are just the cherry on top. Follow a day in the life of our editor as our Solar Bloom mist serves up her best hair yet.

Tuesday, February 12th

7:00am: Overslept! So I shake up my Solar Bloom hair mist, flip my head over and spray here and there. Brush it out a bit and good as new! 

9:00am: Made it to the office. Down my coffee immediately and start drafting my next post.

11am: Client says she loves my “perfume” and asks what it is. Do I tell her it’s the mist?

12:45pm: Walk past a mirror and think my hair could use a refresh. Head to the bathroom for a quick hair spritz to smooth the frizz.

2:00pm: Text from the girls, dinner is on!

6:00pm: Time for my fave spin class, but it’s a tight squeeze before dinner. I sweat it out, rinse really quick and refresh my hair with the mist again. 

7:30pm: Dinner downtown with the girls, with post-gym hair so good, they don’t believe I worked out!