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Unwrap the Magic of Gifting Clean with Clean Beauty Collective's Holiday Gift Guide 2023

As the holiday season approaches, the quest for the perfect gift begins. Whether you're on a mission to delight your loved ones or treat yourself to a little luxury, our Holiday Gift Guide is here to help. With a focus on clean beauty products and fragrances, we have curated a selection of gift ideas that are sure to bring joy and elevate your gifting game. Let’s unwrap the perfect presents for fragrance lovers, significant others, everyone, yourself, holiday hosts, and more.

For the Fragrance Lover:

If you have a fragrance connoisseur in your life, these sets are perfect for them. The CLEAN CLASSIC collection offers the opportunity to create customized scent blends, making them feel like a master perfumer.

CLEAN CLASSIC On-The-Go Layering Gift Set - The perfect starter kit for a fragrance layering journey containing our all-time beloved CLEAN CLASSIC fragrances. 

CLEAN CLASSIC Rollerball Layering Collection - The most variety for your buck, our favorite 5 CLEAN CLASSIC Fragrances. 

CLEAN CLASSIC Layering Trio - A curated collection of the best-selling CLEAN CLASSIC fragrances in mini-bottle form!

CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton Gift Set - The power duo of our fan favorite scent, in two convenient travel-friendly sizes. 

For your Significant Other:

Planning a holiday date night? For date night perfection, gift your significant other with these scents that have your genuine seal of approval. It's the secret ingredient for a night that's bound to be unforgettable.

Holiday gifting fragrances

CLEAN RESERVE Skin - Soft, subtle and sensual. The perfect complement to a loving embrace.

CLEAN RESERVE Sparkling Sugar - Fun, flirty and the perfect level of sweet to pair with your dazzling smile and wink ;)

CLEAN RESERVE Rain - Calming and earthy, to get you in the mood to unwind and relax. 

CLEAN RESERVE Warm Cotton - Clean and comforting, like your favorite set of freshly laundered cotton sheets.

For Anyone and Everyone: 

Can't pinpoint their scent preference? These fragrances are like the trusty white tee – versatile, dependable, and utterly cozy, suitable for any and everyone.

CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap - Familiar and rejuvenating, because who doesn’t love the fresh scent of soap?

CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton - Cozy and the easy favorite, for the fresh from the dryer scent. 

CLEAN CLASSIC Skin - Warm and enticing, for the essence of human comfort. 

CLEAN CLASSIC Rain - Fresh and renewed, for the scent that follows after a rain shower. 

For Yourself: 

As the year turns, it's high time for some self-love. Pamper yourself with these sustainable haircare and skincare treasures, and let your beauty routine shine.

Buriti & Tucuma Essential Shampoo - The perfect way to keep your hair clean and healthy, while being gentle enough for everyday use if needed.

Buriti & Tucuma Essential Conditioner - Moisturizing and balancing, without weighing down, a formula developed for all hair types. 

Tapioca Dry Shampoo - Aerosol free, for the perfect pick me up on your in-between days. 

Kakadu Plum Brightening Deodorant - Lemony and refreshing to keep you cool and confident, while staying all natural. 

For the Holiday Host:

Say thank you to the host(ess) with the most(ess) by transforming their space into a sanctuary of pure bliss with these aromatic gifts, that not only smell good, but do good. 

Clean reserve Home fragrances

Fresh Linens Liquid Reed Diffuser - For the fragrance without the flame, a reed diffuser can extend the life of that fresh, clean linen scent for up to 90 days. 

Fresh Linens Natural Soy Blend Candle - A clean burn for the cleanest space, with the ultimate comforting glow you feel good about. 

Rain Linen & Room Spray - For a burst of freshness that can be used to brighten up a space, sheets and even clothing! 

Rain Liquid Reed Diffuser - A subtle and consistent way to keep a favorite scent diffusing throughout the comfort of a home. 

For Easy Gifting:

Take the stress out of gifting with these treasures that shamelessly bask in the glow of being loved. They're perfect for those last-minute dashes.

CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar - Radiating warmth that marries spring and summer no matter the time of year. 

CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal - A scent that embraces a bit of spice to bring some energy and zest to life. 

Kakadu Plum Brightening Deodorant - Elevate the everyday routine with a natural, non-harmful but effective formula. 

CLEAN CLASSIC Apple Blossom - Mouthwatering and juicy, while being soft and lingering on the skin. 

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