Scents & Cinema: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Scents & Cinema: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Can’t decide what gift to give them this Valentine’s Day? Get inspired by their favorite films! From fragrances as fun and flirty as classic romantic comedies to passionate perfumes that evoke a ‘love for the ages’ story, we’ve got you covered. 

The Notebook: CLEAN RESERVE Rain

If they can’t get enough of Noah and Allie’s iconic reunion in a rainstorm, look no further than CLEAN RESERVE Rain. With notes of Dewy White Flowers and Clean Musks, this scent recalls a passionate embrace in a downpour.

My Best Friend’s Wedding: CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Nude Santal & Heliotrope

Like the lavish, flower-filled ceremony at the end of this movie, CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Nude Santal & Heliotrope boasts luxury and a blooming bouquet of Orange Flower and Heliotrope. 

Someone Great: CLEAN RESERVE Citron Fig

While at first Someone Great may seem like a film about heartbreak, this Netflix hit is really about celebrating friendship and believing in yourself. If they have it on repeat, give them CLEAN RESERVE Citron Fig, a scent that’s similarly bright, bold, and reinvigorating. 

13 Going on 30: CLEAN CLASSIC Flower Fresh

Just like this beloved rom-com, fun and floral CLEAN CLASSIC Flower Fresh will inspire you both to embrace your youthful, carefree sides. And maybe even dance to Thriller

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli 

Those who love a film that celebrates Greek culture will adore a fragrance that transports them to Greece itself! With just a spritz of bright and breezy CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli, they’ll practically be able to feel the sunbeams on their skin and the sand on their toes.