Clean Reserve

Favorite Florals Gift Set

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Help the flower child in your life find their favorite fragrance in our farm-to-fragrance CLEAN RESERVE collection with this floral-forward gift set.

Crafted with notes of sparkling Pear Nectar and sophisticated Tobacco Flower, CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar supports’s mission to save endangered bees. CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur features a sheer bouquet of Gardenia, Jasmine, and Damask Roses, and was also created to help protect pollinators, this time the beautiful butterflies who make our fragrances possible. Finally, CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli draws on Neroli and Orange Blossom to whisk you away to Italian shores.

This gift set contains:
- CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar, 5mL / 0.17 oz
- CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur, 5mL / 0.17 oz
- CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli, 5mL / 0.17 oz


: 89180020110

The Perfect Match:
Clean Reserve Skin

Bare sensuality. Refreshingly human. Experience the exhilarating touch of a warm embrace. Sensual, radiant, and refreshingly human. RESERVE Skin is a best-selling signature scent crafted with Honeysuckle, Salted Praline, and sustainable Vanilla. 

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