Clean Reserve

Layering Discovery Set

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$72 value, yours for just $48.

What better way to try the CLEAN RESERVE collection than by grabbing ahold of some of our favorite sustainable layering fragrances? Each CLEAN RESERVE fragrance is crafted with sustainable ingredients and were created to be linear in structure, meaning they smell the same from the moment you spray until hours later. This makes the products easy to blend and layer on top of one another. Just as you layer up your clothes with the cooler temps, layer the fragrances for your own dynamic bespoke scent. Six fragrances with endless possibilities.

This travel spray set contains:
-Warm Cotton, 0.17 oz.
-Rain, 0.17 oz.
-Acqua Neroli, 0.17 oz.
-Skin, 0.17 oz.
-Sel Santal, 0.17 oz
-Sueded Oud, 0.17 oz


: 89160020580

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