Clean Reserve

Travel Spray Layering Collection

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CLEAN RESERVE is a farm-to-fragrance collection crafted with the perfumer’s reserve of sustainable ingredients. Find your favorite scent with this travel-friendly set.

Radiant Nectar captures the essence of pear nectar and a Summer day. Skin Reserve is the perfect "close to the skin" scent with a soft sweetness. Acqua Neroli is inspired by Mediterranean citrus breezes. Sel Santal is the ultimate unisex perfume to add a little spice in your life. Rain Reserve captures the dewy scent in the air after a lush rainfall. Warm Cotton Reserve is like slipping into freshly laundered cotton sheets.

This travel spray set contains:
- Radiant Nectar, 5mL / 0.17 oz
- Skin [Reserve Blend], 5mL / 0.17 oz
- Acqua Neroli, 5mL / 0.17 oz
- Sel Santal, 5mL / 0.17 oz
- Rain [Reserve Blend], 5mL / 0.17 oz
- Warm Cotton [Reserve Blend], 5mL / 0.17 oz


: 89160020100

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