Clean Beauty Collective is all about giving back. Our partnerships help improve the lives of the farmers and their communities who responsibly cultivate and harvest our sustainable ingredients with minimal impact on the planet for generations.

Our Ingredients

Because your fragrance is meant to be worn close to your skin. All our fragrances are formulated with the safest ingredients—nothing else.

Giving Back

We made the choice to partner with a company that sources sustainable vetiver from Haiti in support of their program which provides education and health care for the farmers and their families. To further support the farmers, CLEAN RESERVE funds a program that provides safe drinking water to the community.



From our recyclable cartons and packaging to the sustainable ingredients, all of our fragrances have an eco-conscious element.

Our Mission

We’re here to offer you peace of mind—from our eco-conscious packaging to high-quality ingredients—by putting your safety first and giving back to the farming communities who are as committed as we are.

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