clean reserve Rain fragrance collection

The CLEAN Difference

Eagle-eyed CLEAN shoppers will notice Rain, Skin, and Warm Cotton scents can be found in both of our fragrance collections. But do you know the difference between each blend? Read on to learn more about our unique fragrances. 

The Basics

First, it’s important to establish the differences between our collections. 

  • CLEAN CLASSIC is our simplest collection. Each scent is light, understated, and easy to wear alone or layered with another fragrance. 

  • CLEAN RESERVE is our farm-to-fragrance collection. These perfumes are a little more complex and each feature a sustainably-sourced ingredient. They’re also 100% unisex and ideal for layering. 

Armed with this information, it becomes a little easier to see how scents like Rain, Skin, and Warm Cotton differ across the board. However, let’s dive deeper into each one to uncover the nuances. 


CLEAN CLASSIC Rain is our most simple Rain scent. It’s a crisp and fresh scent with notes of Dewy Melon, Spring Daisy, and Water Lily that feels like stepping through a refreshing outdoor shower. 


CLEAN RESERVE Rain is a little more complex than its CLASSIC counterpart thanks to base notes like Patchouli and Rainforest Vetiver that transport you straight to the Amazon. Speaking of Rainforest Vetiver, we sustainably source this fragrant plant from Haiti and give back to the country’s farming communities by funding education and health care resources. 

reserve rain and warm cotton


CLEAN CLASSIC Skin is the lightest and most layerable Skin scent. Creamy Vanilla evokes the essence of bare skin while Lotus Blossom and Honeydew give it a floral freshness. Think of CLEAN CLASSIC Skin as the must-have in your layering arsenal for adding warmth to your favorite fragrances.

CLEAN RESERVE Skin also finds its base in Vanilla but this time the beans are sustainably-sourced from Madagascar. By purchasing this Vanilla, we help fund community initiatives that provide safe drinking water and medical facilities. Other standout notes in this blend include Sunkissed Peony and Salted Praline which give it a touch of sensuality and make it ideal for your next date night.  

clean classic and reserve skin

Warm Cotton

CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton is inspired by the comforting scent of newly laundered tees straight from the dryer. Sheer notes of Citrus and Orange Flowers give it a clean comfort.

CLEAN RESERVE Warm Cotton is a more relaxing blend, crafted to feel like slipping into fresh sheets at your favorite luxury hotel. It finds its warmth in spicy notes like Ginger and Pepper, as well as sustainable Benzoin. We source this balsamic sweet resin from Laos and our commitment supports the country’s long-term plans for sustainable development initiatives.