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Signature Scents for the Big Day

Fragrances Based on Wedding Location

  • Tropical - CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU Waterfall

  • Desert - CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom

  • Beach - CLEAN CLASSIC Malibu Beach

  • Garden - CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU Nectarine Petal

  • Mediterranean - CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli

Heading to a tropical island? Embrace the aquatic setting with our CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU Waterfall fragrance. A fragrance inspired by mesmerizing waterfalls that descend into turquoise waters creating a sweet dewy mist. It starts with an opening splash that flows into a pool of apple blossoms and juicy watermelon. A medley of vetiver and musk temper the fruity notes for a perfectly balanced aquatic scent.

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Opting for a remote, boho-chic affair amid an awe-inspiring desert landscape? Let CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom complement your off-the-grid mood. A fragrance radiating with warm florals, earthy charcoal notes and sensual coconut. Sunshine meets wilderness in a bottle.

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If a serene beach is the backdrop for your vows, match the colorful seaside splendor with CLEAN CLASSIC Malibu Beach. A fragrance inspired by inspired by Malibu Beach’s sun, sand and surf. This vibrant summer scent opens with an energetic cocktail of salted coconut and bergamot conveying the exhilaration of surfing the Pacific ocean waves. The floral heart creates an inviting warmth that emanates throughout the scent, while vanilla orchid, sweet musks and soft blonde woods wrap the skin in carefree summer indulgence.


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If a picture-perfect garden setting is the dazzling venue of your choice, complete the fairy tale with a luminous and irresistibly floral fragrance: CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU Nectarine Petal. There’s no shortage of florals in this charming bouquet of Golden Chamomile, Peach Blossom, and Osmanthus – wrapped in a playful touch of nectarine. A perfect fit for the hopeless romantic. 


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One-way ticket to the Amalfi Coast? If your eyes are set on the Mediterranean’s seductive coastline; where wildflower-carpeted cliffs tower over inky-blue depths, the scent of lemon blossom kisses the air and La Dolce Vita is the way of life - look no further than CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli. An addictive blend of citrus notes, fresh white florals and neroli capture the effortless elegance of an endless summer in the secluded coves of the Mediterranean. 


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h2eau Waterfall in sand
Clean Reserve Solar Bloom
CLean Classic Malibu Beach
h2eau Nectarine Petal
Clean Reserve Acqua Neroli
Clean Reserve Home Fragrances

Wedding Gifts

What to give the happy couple as a wedding gift? Why not start with our collection of eco-conscious & sustainable home fragrances crafted with ethically sourced ingredients in our most-loved scents.

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