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Clean hair products have never been so beautiful! Explore our clean shampoos and clean conditioner products that are made with sustainable ingredients. You’ll love the clean formulations and proven actives, which come together in a farm-to-formula collection that gives back to the people and the planet. Each product is thoughtfully crafted with hand-selected, eco-conscious ingredients that deliver on performance and experience. Our natural shampoos and conditioners are tested for safety and efficacy with results that can be seen and felt.

The CLEAN Haircare Difference

Gently clean your hair and scalp with our CLEAN RESERVE Buriti & Tucuma Essential Shampoo, which is a sulfate-free and silicone-free formula that leaves hair hydrated and soft. Our special essential oil blend adds a touch of citrus scent and helps remove and prevent product buildup. Finish your hair care routine with our CLEAN RESERVE Buriti & Tucuma Essential Conditioner, which helps replenish your hair’s moisture without weighing it down. The Buriti Oil, Pequi Oil and Tucuma Butter keep your hair’s natural oils intact for shine, and the Celery Seed Complex helps support your scalp’s microbiome. Need a quick and easy refresh? Reach for the CLEAN RESERVE Tapioca Dry Shampoo, which uses oil-absorbent Tapioca Starch to remove oil, buildup and dirt. Gentle enough to use every day and thanks to its refreshing citrus scent, you’ll be out the door in minutes with clean, wonderfully smelling hair!

A FARM-TO-FORMULA COLLECTION OF ESSENTIAL HAIR CARE: Our replenishing products harness the power of sustainably- sourced botanicals and potent clean actives that gently cleanse, detoxify and moisturize for strong, shiny, healthy hair. All CLEAN Beauty Collective clean hair care products are free from harsh cleaning agents, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, phthalates and sulfates.

-  Sustainable ingredients  -  Formulated for all hair types  -  Gentle enough for sensitive skin  -  Vegan & never tested on our furry friends  -  Recyclable packaging  -  Light, fresh citrus scent

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