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Protect The Pollinators 2024

Embrace the #SlowRevolution with EARTHDAY.ORG

As founders of a clean beauty movement that ensures a happier, healthier planet for all, we are concerned knowing of the threats facing insects that help our ecosystem thrive. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with EARTHDAY.ORG for the fifth consecutive year to support our planet and partner with their Protect Our Species campaign aimed at helping the pollinators who keep our ecosystems thriving.

This year we turn the spotlight on a slow but intrepid pollinator: the snail. Did you know that snails are most active and pollinate both at night and on rainy days when other pollinators, like bees and butterflies, are inactive?

Alarmingly, various snail species worldwide have already gone extinct, and many are severely endangered due to causes such as habitat destruction, introduction of invasive species and climate change. Join our #SlowRevolution and help spread the word to safeguard the planet’s intrepid snails!



Want to know why snails are so important? Here are some Snail Facts:

  • Snails are MOST ACTIVE and POLLINATE AT NIGHT and RAINY DAYS when other pollinators like bees and butterflies are inactive.

  • Snails are also known as “THE ENVIRONMENTAL CLEAN-UP CREW” because they play an important role in the eco-system by decomposing organic matter and the nutrient-rich poop they leave behind plays a role in soil formation.

  • Some snails can LIVE UP TO 20 YEARS.

  • Snails have THE MOST TEETH OF ANY ANIMAL. Some can have over 20,000 teeth.
  • Unfortunately various numbers of SNAIL SPECIES ARE GOING EXTINCT and this is a cause for concern as snails can serve as indicators when something is wrong with the environment.

Learn more about protecting the pollinators and the planet at EARTHDAY.ORG

Behind The Fragrance

#SlowRevolution: Spread the Word

As mentioned, this year we're spotlighting #iheartsnails, championing their tireless efforts in the rain and at night when other pollinators are inactive. Embrace the #SlowRevolution and #SlowLiving lifestyle with the refreshing scent of CLEAN RESERVE Rain Limited Edition and slow down your daily routine.

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