The Hottest Scents for Summer

The Hottest Scents for Summer

Even if you can’t travel IRL yet, our fragrances transport you to far-off getaways. Choose your travel persona, then find the matching scent.

The Escape: Island Hopping in Greece 

RESERVE Acqua Neroli

Family: Floral Citrus

With notes of bergamot and sandalwood, this sustainable favorite is your breezy Mediterranean escape by the sea. 

The Escape: Summer in the Hamptons 

CLASSIC Summer Day

Family: Floral Musk

Just like your favorite beach vacation, our newest launch will take you on a trip to soft white sand and sunshine.

The Escape: Eco Retreat in Bali


Family: Watery Musk

Inspired by the radiant harmony of Mother Earth, this scent will transport you somewhere magical deep in the lush dewy forest.

The Escape: Hiking in the Rockies


Family: Fresh Aldehydic

This crisp, refreshing fragrance captures the beauty of summer in the mountains.

The Escape: Boating on the Amalfi Coast

RESERVE Solar Bloom

Family: Radiant Floral

With fresh, sunkissed citrus, this scent will bring you straight to the beach.

The Escape: Glamping in Costa Rica

RESERVE AVANT GARDEN Saguaro Blossom & Sand

Family: Floral Green

Evoking fresh florals, this scent captures the soft embrace of Caribbean radiance.