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How to Create Your Own Scent

Our Classic and Reserve Collections are linear, so the scent stays constant from am to pm. This immutable quality makes them perfect for layering.

Each CLEAN CLASSIC and RESERVE fragrance is meant to be mixed, matched and layered with another to create your own bespoke fragrance. Get ready for endless creations. Here’s how to start.

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Tip 1: Start your spritzing experiment on paper first until you’re happy with the combos and want to try it on skin.


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Tip 2: By spraying a woodier, base-driven fragrance first, you can anchor your scent before using a lighter scent or more feminine flare.


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Tip 3: Tap, don’t rub. This allows the fragrance to breathe so you can enjoy its complexity and uniqueness.


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Tip 4: Have fun! Try as many pairings to create your own perfect scent for any mood or event.

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