Sustainable Summer Tips

Sustainable Summer Tips

With one month left of summer, here’s how to make the most of the great outdoors in fun, sustainable ways. 

Invest in a Cute Mask (or Five)

Masks have become the latest fashion accessory, so buy a few to match your mood and outfit. Invest in breathable styles made from sustainable materials like bamboo so you feel comfortable. Beyond protecting you and those around you, cloth masks are reusable and washable so you’re saving Mother Earth too. 

Visit a Nearby Park

Research shows that spending time outdoors is safer than indoor activities. Plan a socially distanced hang at your closest park to perk up your mood or try an outdoor yoga class for an endorphin rush. Better yet - take advantage of working from home and take your office outside. As long as you stay 6 feet apart, you can still enjoy summer fun while reducing your carbon footprint.

Find Summer in a Bottle

If you can’t jet-set to the nearest beach, let our eco fragrances take you there. Limited Edition CLASSIC Summer Day feels like soft white sand against your skin, while RESERVE Acqua Neroli recalls a Mediterranean escape. Spritz some on your wrists, suit up in your bikini, open your summer read, and let the cool air of your A/C feel like the ocean breeze. No SPF required.

Enjoy Local Produce

Make the most of delicious summer fruits by hitting up a local farmer’s market for seasonal watermelon, cherries, plums, and apricots. There’s nothing better than enjoying fruit at the peak of its season. Plus, you get the added benefit of supporting local farmers and reducing the global warming effects of international shipping.

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