Under The Stars: It’s Libra Season

Under The Stars: It’s Libra Season

Each month we’ll dive into the zodiac’s corresponding sign to discover all there is to know. Plus, we’ll reveal what the stars have in store for your special season and the perfect CLEAN scent to match.

It’s Libra Season

(September 23-October 22nd)

Ruled by the Scales of Justice, you lovely Libras live by the ideals of fairness and equality. You’re constantly in pursuit of a balanced life and help bring harmonious energy to all situations. With Venus as your ruling planet, you’re a romantic at heart. You love love, just like the Greek goddess herself. Libra is also a cardinal sign, aka a sign that kicks off a season, and the first zodiac of fall. This means you’re an ambitious innovator—you love to do things, know things and wear things before anyone else.

This month, Mars enters your sign early and brings with it fiery action and desire, upsetting your usually steady social calendar. Lean into activities that could advance your current big idea. A full moon on October 13th will shed some light on pending personal or professional decisions. This’ll help you make the right call and reset your balance.

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