Across the Board: Rain

For our latest edition in Across the Board, meet Rain. It was part of the original collection as CLEAN CLASSIC Rain and has evolved into our Reserve blend of Rain and more recently Avant Garden Galbanum & Rain. They all share a common “watery” accord (think of it as the fresh smell of dew captured in a bottle)—which is why all three scents remind you of that cool feeling after a fresh rainfall. But because all three fragrances have different notes throughout, each scent offers its own unique interpretation and signature. Read on to get to know each one.


The lightest out of the three, CLEAN CLASSIC Rain derives its watery accord from Watermint, which is further balanced out with the subtle sweetness of dewy melon. There are also delicate floral notes like Spring Daisy and Daffodils to mimic the feeling of walking through a meadow after a clean Spring shower.

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For those who are inclined for something that’s floral but still musky, CLEAN RESERVE Rain strikes the right balance. The Waterlily notes make up the watery texture—a signature of the Rain collection—but we paired it with fresh notes of Cucumber and White Flowers to give it the cooling sensation of a light shower. We also blended in rich ingredients like Patchouli and our sustainably sourced Vetiver, which naturally occurs in Haiti. Our partners have worked hand in hand with the local farmers there who have cultivated Vetiver for years. This unique partnership helps support community programs that promote education and healthcare for the farmers and their families, but what’s best of all? CLEAN RESERVE funds safe drinking water too.

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CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Galbanum & Rain

Just as everything is heightened in the wake of a tropical downpour, the signature watery note is enhanced by all the unique ingredients within this fragrance. The Pepper Sichuan and Star Anise really spice up the dewy base, while Vetiver and Patchouli add an earthy musky element. Because we’re committed to the ingredients we put into every single bottle, we actively continue to support the farmers our partners introduce us to. That’s why you can rest assured that like Vetiver (the same one in our CLEAN RESERVE blend!), Patchouli is also sourced responsibly. Our partners worked with the best in Indonesian essential oils, so now we do too. Together, we have all embarked on a 10-year plan to drive a more sustainable Patchouli Supply Chain to ensure that the batch is traceable. All these aromatic ingredients come together in a fragrance that truly teleports you straight to the center of a lush garden after rainfall.

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