Dr Michelle Henry

Dr. Henry Shares Luxury Fragrances for Sensitive Skin

Dr. Michelle Henry is a board-certified dermatologist based in Manhattan, NY who partnered with Clean Beauty Collective for our innovative relaunch of the CLEAN RESERVE collection with an entirely new focus.

“I’ve been a long-time fan of the brand,” according to Dr. Henry, “so even before the new relaunch, I was wearing Rain and Skin for many, many years.”

Her exploration of our water-based fragrances is founded on years of experience in skin health. Many perfumes and colognes have ingredients that could impact the skin barrier — from drying alcohol to other potentially irritating chemicals.

“A lot of my patients have sensitive skin,” Dr. Henry explains. “I myself have eczema, so I’m always thinking about the products that I’m putting on my own skin.”

Finding fragrances that are kinder to sensitive skin can be challenging. Thankfully, there’s a way to take a shortcut.

How To Find Fragrances for Sensitive Skin

When Dr. Henry sources skincare for herself and her patients, there are certain questions she begins with to ensure that the products she chooses.

“I’m thinking about if it’s efficacious, is it tolerable, is it safe for our environment and our communities?” Dr. Henry mentions. “And CLEAN RESERVE really aligns with all of those core fundamental beliefs of my own when I’m sourcing skincare or thinking about skincare for both myself and my patients.”

Use her guide to discover unisex fragrances that help you look after your skin.

  1. Is the formula effective?

When ladies and men go looking for scents that appeal to their tastes, no one wants to settle for lower quality to avoid upsetting their skin. We take pride in transparent ingredient lists that make it simpler for men and women to choose aromas that fit their personalities — with the confidence that each formula is designed to be the best.

  1. Is it gentle on skin?

Holistic fragrances cover a broad range of products, so it’s important to check if the mists you want are tolerable for your skin. Our launch of the CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU collection features aromas based on water. The discovery set has all eight fragrances to help people explore which gentle formulas feel good on their skin.

  1. Is it safe for our environment and our communities?

Environmentally conscious fragrances mean that every spritz is a reminder you’re doing good for people and the planet with sustainable ingredients. Taking care of our communities goes beyond that to Fair Trade practices and partnering with fragrance houses that support local farmers. Education, reforestation and supply chain transparency are just a few of these benefits.

Popular Fragrances Approved by a Dermatologist

Dr. Henry describes, “This was a very natural marriage and alignment for me in terms of brand partnership.”

We work carefully with our qualified team and industry experts to offer vegan and cruelty-free formulas that are easy on the mind and your skin. Shop for the CLEAN RESERVE Skin and CLEAN RESERVE Rain blends that came before the H2EAU line to try out her favorite fragrances, or find your own ideal scent with our quiz.