Farm-to-Fragrance: Meet Our CLEAN RESERVE Collection

Farm-to-Fragrance: Meet Our CLEAN RESERVE Collection

Meet CLEAN RESERVE, our “farm-to-fragrance” collection that puts you and the planet at the forefront. How does it do that? By giving back and sourcing our ingredients with eco-consciousness.

Our partners have worked hand in hand with local farmers who have cultivated some of the ingredients in our fragrances for years (like Vetiver from Haiti). This unique partnership helps support community programs that promote education and healthcare for the farmers and their families. CLEAN RESERVE also funds safe drinking water for a farming community in Haiti.

What “Farm-to-Fragrance” Means to Us:

  • CLEAN® fragrances: formulas are free of chemicals you may not want
  • SUSTAINABLE ingredients: responsibly sourced ingredients that do not deplete the planet’s natural resources
  • ECO-CONSCIOUS packaging: recyclable packaging and green manufacturing processes
  • LINEAR fragrances: scent remains consistent throughout the day making them uniquely suited for layering

Giving back to the farmers and their communities who harvest our sustainable ingredients makes CLEAN RESERVE what it is today.

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