Green The Globe: Solar Energy

Green The Globe: Solar Energy

With solar warmth and a name to match, our limited edition CLEAN CLASSIC Sunshine encourages you to get involved with solar power, a renewable resource that can help create a brighter future. 

Firstly, let’s recap what exactly solar power is and why we love it. Solar power is energy generated from the sun and most often captured by solar panels that convert the sun’s rays into electricity. It helps us create a healthier planet by serving as an alternative to fossil fuels, a traditional and non-renewable source of energy that causes air pollution, uses up precious water, and contributes to climate change. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with a perfume manufacturer that uses solar power to generate 80% of their energy! 

Here’s how to make a difference:

Install Solar Panels 

Consider adding solar panels to the roof of your home. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be making a smart financial investment. Solar panels can reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills and increase your home’s value should you decide to sell. 

Join a Community Solar Program

If installing solar panels on your house isn’t an option, you can still help the environment by joining a community solar program. In a community solar program, panels are set up in a central location rather than on one person’s property, and residents in the area can subscribe. Why not research one in your area today?

Switch to Solar Energy

If your community doesn’t have a solar program quite yet, talk to your energy provider about the clean power options they offer. This can be an easy way to switch your household from electricity derived from fossil fuels to energy harnessed from renewable resources like the sun and wind. 

Speak Up for Solar

There are many ways to use your voice to advocate for solar! You can talk to your family and friends about the benefits of solar energy, attend events, and use social media to let your elected officials know it’s important to you.

Make Small Changes

Start incorporating solar energy into your everyday life! When you need a new smartphone case, buy one that has solar panels on the back. This can be a convenient way to charge your phone, especially if you spend a lot of time camping and hiking. Speaking of camping, make your next flashlight purchase a solar-powered option! Improperly disposed batteries pose an environmental risk, so eliminate the chance with a flashlight you can leave in the sun to charge and later use. 

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