Green the Globe: Using Water Wisely

Green the Globe: Using Water Wisely

Did you know the average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water each day? This number may not alarm you when you consider over 70% of the earth is covered in water but when you understand that only 0.5% of this water is suitable for drinking, your feelings might change. By conserving water now, we can help reduce the effects of future water shortages and minimize the energy used to process and deliver water to our homes. It really is a kindness we can show Mother Nature and our future selves!

Here’s how to make a difference:

In Your Bathroom 

As we’ve mentioned before, reducing your shower time can be an easy and effective way to cut down on water usage; stepping out even a single minute earlier can save about five gallons of water! So next time you’re about to hop in the shower and use your CLEAN RESERVE Buriti & Tucuma Essential Shampoo and Conditioner, set a timer for five minutes – and stick to it!

In Your Laundry Room 

Our brand new CLEAN CLASSIC Soft Laundry is inspired by freshly laundered sheets drying in the spring breeze. But now it’s Soft Laundry’s turn to inspire you! In your laundry room, remember to:

  • Run full loads: Consolidating dirty laundry means fewer loads and less water used. 

  • Skip the extra rinse: If you use the right amount of detergent during the first rinse cycle, you won’t need it!

  • Upgrade to an efficient washing machine: A smart upgrade next time you’re due for a replacement could save you as much as 7,000 gallons of water a year.

Clean Reserve Skin


In Your Garden 

Has our pollinator-protecting CLEAN RESERVE Skin inspired you to build a dragonfly garden? It’s important to continue your water-saving efforts outdoors too! You can:

  • Use adjustable sprinklers: These allow you to send water where it’s needed and avoid waste

  • Water plants at the right time: Watering in-ground plants in the morning and container gardens in the afternoon is the most efficient practice

  • Start composting: Compost helps soil to retain water which means less is needed in your garden.