Nikki Martin's #MYCLEAN Moment

Nikki Martin, Chef, Author, TV Personality, Founder of The Fox Diaries

As a firm believer in balance and good vibes, Nikki Martin is all about delicious food that’s clean and nourishing. So whether she’s writing, eating, or traveling, she knows all about how to stay healthy and happy. Born and raised in California, Nikki’s pick is clean living motherhood has taken my quest for to whole new level as a chef I am sourcing organic and local ingredients pay attention what put into mine families bodies we love going farmers markets shopping much can have been even trying plan out diy garden box spring so grow some veggies right in our own backyard bella loves playing the dirt feel like it extremely important start setting these standards on food teaching your littles early possible

So now as a Mama, not only am I paying attention to what goes IN, I’ve really started to think about what goes ON my body. I mean, I am an avid “baby wearer.” I love having Bella as close as possible and she’s usually right up in my face, hair, you name it, lol. I wanted to make sure what I was wearing on my skin would be safe for her as well… that’s when I found @cleanbeauty_collective, not only are their scents wildly unique and delicious, they have eco-friendly practices, are vegan and free from dyes and unsafe synthetics.⁣
I love that I can wear my baby and this Avant Garden White Fig & Bourbon perfume without having to compromise my baby's health or the planet's future by doing so."⁣