Under The Stars: It’s Virgo Season

Under The Stars: It’s Virgo Season

It’s Virgo Season (August 23-September 22), and we’re diving in deep to understand Virgos and what motivates them. What’s your sign and how does it play into your clean lifestyle? Each month we’ll dive into the zodiac’s corresponding sign to find out.

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To our detail-loving, perfection-seeking Virgos, the stars have brought us together. A ruler of the sixth house of health and fitness, you’ve been practicing self care before it was cool. It’s part of who you are and also fundamental to us here at CLEAN. Whether it’s a face mask, morning meditation, or a meatless meal, we try to practice CLEAN Living (being good to our bodies, minds and the earth), and you do too. We’re inspired by your eco-conscious approach to life and follow suit with our sustainable fragrance ingredients. 

A new month means a clean slate for your ever-thinking mind. You’re highly intellectual, neat and precise in everything you do. Your element is earth, which makes sense for your grounded, practical personality. This September, discover more ways to connect to what you love: a naturally healthy lifestyle.

With notes of tonka bean, textured woods & sustainable Madagascar vanilla, Terra Woods is the ideal Virgo fragrance since it’s earthy, floral, dynamic and addictive. “I imagined a really fashion-forward person wearing this, someone who wants to make a positive impact on the world and leave a lasting impression wherever they go.” - Perfumer Vince Kuczinski

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