Under The Stars: It's Sagittarius Season

Under The Stars: It's Sagittarius Season

Each zodiac season we’ll dive into the corresponding sign to discover all there is to know. Plus, we’ll reveal what the stars have in store for your special season and the perfect CLEAN scent to match.

Seeking Sagittarius

(November 22-December 21st)

Symbolized by the archer, Sagittarius’ reserve the right to point their arrows in different directions, in all the areas that interest them. A natural-born seeker, you’re constantly engaged in discovery. You always want to learn, see and do more. Sags are adventurers at their core. You’re a total travel junkie and also may apply this fierceness to career moves. Just be careful—your zealous personality means you might zig and zag too much. Try staying committed and remain thoughtful about your choices.

A few days ago on November 19th, the action-oriented planet of Mars landed in your house of subconscious, and will recharge here until early January. You should do the same: take some time to slow down and care for your mind and body. On December 2nd, your ruling planet of Jupiter, which pushed you through leaps and bounds this year, will leave your house. Think back on everything you’ve done and be proud. 2020 will reward these efforts.

Vivacious RESERVE AVANT GARDEN White Fig & Bourbon is perfect for the spirited Sags, with its contrasting spicy Black Pepper and crisp Italian Bergamot.