Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple

Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple

Attending a wedding comes with a lot of choices: what to wear, whether you’d like chicken or fish, and what you should bring as a gift for the newly betrothed. Luckily, we’ve figured that last part out for you. Read on to find perfect presents for every pair!

(And if you want to know: when it comes to dinner choices, we recommend the vegan option!)

For The New Homeowners

Help them make their new house a home with favorites from our CLEAN SPACE collection. 

We love the CLEAN SPACE Rain Duo, which brings the fresh and restorative energy of welcome rainfall into the home through a Rain scented Natural Soy Blend Candle, and Linen and Room Spray. Reminiscent of the great outdoors, this is the perfect choice for couples who love camping and hiking. 

Alternatively, if the pair you’re celebrating prefer candles over all else, opt for our CLEAN SPACE Candle Duo. This set includes the Rain scented Natural Soy Blend Candle, and a cozy Warm Cotton one too. Both candles offer a comforting fragrance as well as the peace of mind that comes with a 100% vegan and cruelty-free scent. 

For The Honeymooners

If the newlyweds are heading straight from their reception to the airport, send them off in style with a CLEAN travel set

We love the CLEAN RESERVE Travel Spray Layering Collection, which contains six pocket-sized and ultra-portable farm-to-fragrance scents, including bestsellers CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli and CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar. Each one features a sustainably-sourced ingredient, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious couples heading off on a low-impact vacation. 

For those who may be more new to the world of fragrances, we recommend our CLEAN CLASSIC Fresh Fragrance Layering Set. It contains five mini rollerballs in simple and easy to wear scents from our CLEAN CLASSIC collection. And when they’re feeling confident enough to experiment with layering, this set offers the ideal introduction!

For The Crafty Couple 

If they brought a DIY attitude to their weddingfrom baking the cake themselves to fashioning Pinterest-worthy table decorationsgift them a layering duo. These perfectly paired sets allow couples to try their hand at the art of layering, a practice that involves wearing multiple fragrances together to create something new and unique.

Choose the Lush Romance Layering Duo for couples who crafted their way to an ultra-glamorous event filled with glittering table runners and twinkling fairy lights. This set contains subtly sweet CLEAN RESERVE Skin as well as lush CLEAN RESERVE Rain, allowing them to create a scent that’s as romantic as their special day. 

For those who opted for a low-key affair with just their nearest and dearest, we recommend the Simple Pleasures Duo which features CLEAN CLASSIC Rain and CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap. This gift set was inspired by the simple moments in life that always bring a smile, like the refreshing scent of a passing shower or the energizing feeling of a bar of soap.