Natural Isn’t Always Better

There is often a misconception that synthetics are more harmful than natural ingredients, however, the following reasons attribute to otherwise:

  • Synthetics can often cause less irritation or reactions
  • Some natural ingredients are very potent, even at lower levels
  • Synthetics are more sustainable
  • Synthetics use less energy to produce
  • Synthetics cause less disruption to an ecosystem than harvesting the natural version

An example of a natural ingredient that can be harmful is lanolin. Lanolin is derived from sheep wool which is commonly used in moisturizing products like body lotions and facial creams. It is commonly linked to contact dermatitis. Other common natural oils that are known to irritate skin are cinnamon, clove and peppermint.

Regardless, you can rest assured that at CLEAN BEAUTY COLLECTIVE we embrace both naturals and synthetics in our formulations because your safety and the environment are our priority (see our no-to list for proof). Remember, the synthetic version of the natural ingredient can be safer when the irritating components of a natural ingredient are removed. It is for these reasons that we embrace the use of both.