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What it is
The best way to try our CLEAN RESERVE Collection! 

Yours for just $20. Plus redeem $20 off your full size RESERVE 100mL purchase within 30 days! 

A CLEAN RESERVE sample set perfect for discovering some our best-selling fragrances. Wear alone, layer together, and find your new CLEAN signature scent.

From the reinvigorating freshness of Rain to the dynamic energy of Citron Fig, the farm-to-fragrance RESERVE gift set encompasses a world of uniquely enthralling scents. Each fragrance has been crafted from a reserve of sustainable ingredients that avoid depletion of finite resources and allow us to give back to local farmers and their communities. Feel free to express yourself with this unisex set that is ideal for layering and experimentation. 

What’s inside
• Warm Cotton [Reserve Blend] – Tumble into tranquillity with a scent that evokes freshly laundered sheets.
• Skin [Reserve] – Experience the exhilaration of a sensual touch through notes of Honeysuckle, Sunkissed Peony, and Salted Praline.
• Rain [Reserve] – Allow yourself to be transported to the Amazon rainforest with the scent of Waterlily, Dewy Plants, and Vetiver.
• Citron Fig – Awaken a new burst of energy with this bright and revitalizing fragrance featuring notes of Ginger, Cardamom and Mandarin.
• Acqua Neroli – Top notes of sustainably sourced Mandarin oil and Aqua Musk join forces in this transformative yet fresh scent. 

5 x .05oz / 1.5mL

How it Works

  • Step 1: Take the Plunge

    Purchase your CLEAN RESERVE Discovery Set with five of our best-selling scents.

  • Step 2: Play

    Wear alone, mix together, and have fun allowing yourself to be the perfumer!

  • Step 3: Redeem

    Found your favorite fragrance? We're offering you $20 to use toward your full size RESERVE scent within 30 days!

  • Simple, Trusted, and Conscious

    Products You Can Trust

    Each and every fragrance is formulated with the finest ingredients. Whether it’s sustainably sourced or tried-and-true synthetics—we’re proud to say we always put you and the environment first. And we never test on animals. That’s our promise.

    Our Insider Tips

    If perfume is a science then wearing it is an art form. And while we all have our scent routines, there are a few definitive rules for optimal application and longer-lasting fragrance.

    1. Store your fragrances at room temperature

    2. Spritz your pulse points, hair, and heat zones on the body where the blood is closer to the skin. Think backs of knees and elbows. This encourages fragrances to unfold faster.

    3. Dab, don't rub! This keep the perfume's nature chemistry in tact

    4. Wearing more than one scent together creates a complete shift in the overall smell. Don't be afraid to try one or more together.

    5. Remember, it's all about having fun and creating a new scent that suits you! 


    Learn from Our Perfumers

    Layering is the art of creating your own personalized scent by combining two or more fragrances. New to this concept? We have you covered. Just as you choose clothes and accessories to put on each morning, you’ll now have a wardrobe of fragrances to mix and match finding your new signature scent (or scents)! Each CLEAN Fragrance is meant to be mixed, matched and layered with one another to create your own bespoke scent. 

    All CLEAN fragrances are created to be linear in structure and crafted with sustainable ingredients. This keeps them smelling the same from the moment you first spritz until hours later. And you’ll feel good knowing your fragrance is giving back to communities where the sustainable ingredient is sourced.

    What People Are Saying

  • RESERVE Rain

    "Reserve Rain has a light, soft, pleasant floral smell that is not too strong or overpowering at all. Just the right amount of floral. They really nailed this one!"

    – Sunsetterxx

  • RESERVE Skin

    "Hands down my favorite perfume!! The perfect blend of musk and the vanilla orchid. Smells incredible and lasts all day as well. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on this scent."

    – Elizabeth

  • RESERVE Acqua Neroli

    "I love this fragrance and it has become my daily go-to. It's very fresh and uplifting. Definitely a favorite that you will never get tired of! :)"

    – Claudia

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