Earth Day 2021

Flutter for Change with EARTHDAY.ORG

As founders of a clean beauty movement that ensures a happier, healthier planet for all, we became concerned when we learned of the threats facing insects that help our ecosystem thrive. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with EARTHDAY.ORG once again to help our planet and support their Protect Our Species campaign for butterflies. 

Butterflies are precious pollinators in our ecosystem but the population of certain species, like the iconic monarch butterfly, is rapidly declining. Plants, crops, and our fragrances wouldn’t be possible without the work of pollinators like the butterfly! It’s time for our own metamorphosis. Just like caterpillars transforming into butterflies, our world needs to change so these crucial creatures can thrive. Scroll to discover our brand new fragrance, created to spread awareness about this crucial cause, and learn more ways you can #FlutterForChange.


Lush Fleur


"If you're looking for a light yet captivating scent, lush fleur by Clean Reserve is exactly what you need! The scent is very easy to layer with and is just as alluring when worn alone. It's my new favorite scent of 2021!"

Meet our latest perfume with a purpose! Inspired by a flower’s delicate petals, CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur captivates the senses with its delightfully fresh and floral fragrance. Purchase our limited-edition bottle to help spread the word about protecting butterflies.  

Sparkling Bergamot, juicy Mandarin, and a playful touch of Raspberry instantly transport you to a breezy spring day. Next, sustainable Damask Rose harvested in Turkey deepens a bouquet of Gardenia and Jasmine to evoke pure luxury. While weightless Musk, creamy Vanilla, and earthy Moss meet to create a comforting embrace, droplets of glowing Amber provide a final thrill. It’s an uplifting fragrance that will make you feel confident, feminine and flirty for any occasion.

Shop it. Spritz it. Spread the word with flying colors. 

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