Shop by Scent

To make shopping for the perfect perfume even easier, we’ve grouped our scents into families where each member shares common notes, evokes a similar feeling or is ideal for a particular occasion. 

Floral & Musky

Our Floral & Musky scents were made with true romantics in mind! Inhale blooming bouquets featuring flowers like Peonies and Jasmine, as well as an undeniable hint of seduction and allure sure to encourage flirty confidence. Don’t leave for date night without one of these in hand.

Warm & Cozy

Curl up by the fireplace with your favorite book–and your favorite Warm & Cozy scent! Drawing on notes like Black Pepper, White Fig, Vanilla Orchid, and Amber, these deeply relaxing and irresistibly comforting perfumes help you make memories with loved ones that will last a lifetime.

Fresh & Watery

Fresh & Watery scents bottle the best of the great outdoors! Sparkling and revitalizing notes like Pear Nectar, Mint, Chilled Cucumber, and Waterlily awaken the senses and transport you to far-off destinations, whether that’s the Amazon rainforest or lush, rolling hills.

Crisp & Clean

Soft and bright, these scents leave you feeling squeaky-clean and newly energized. Notes like Lavender, White Musk, and Mandarin help create this unique blend of reassurance and inspiration. Reach for a Crisp & Fresh fragrance to recreate the feeling of a carefree spring morning, or for an instant mood boost before an important event.

Woody & Earthy

Mature, sophisticated, and bold elements like Papyrus, Soft Suede, and Sandalwood make these scents the epitome of opulence. Favorites amongst those seeking a unisex scent, our Woody & Earthy fragrances are also ideal for layering as they can anchor your creation.