4 Events. 4 Fragrances. 24 Hours.

4 Events. 4 Fragrances. 24 Hours.


We get it—you’re busy. For most of us, running overtime happens more often than not. But whatever the day brings, we’ve got a scent for you. Devote a special fragrance for every occasion on your schedule—because sometimes, smelling nice is all it takes to boost your mood and get you through it all.

10:30am — Client Breakfast

CLEAN CLASSIC’s Warm Cotton is the perfect way to start your day—especially when you need to be on your A-game bright and early. Refreshing top notes of bergamot and lemon zest bring out the cool notes of mint and cotton to give you all the confidence you need while smelling like fresh laundered sheets.

1pm — Power Lunch

Need a midday pick-me-up? Layer CLEAN CLASSIC Air to add a fresh floral lift and help recenter your focus. 

7:30pm — Dinner Out

For a romantic night out, look no further than CLEAN RESERVE Blonde Rose. Crafted with sustainable ingredients like Sandalwood from Sri Lanka, Blonde Rose also blends a symphony of Rose, Peony, and Jasmine to set the mood.

9pm — Rooftop Drinks

Wind down with a scent that captures that reassuring feeling of touch with CLEAN RESERVE Skin. Inspired by the embrace of a loved one, our perfumer chose Vanilla that’s sustainably sourced from Madagascar for a warm blend with Fresh Musk and Tonka Bean.