Let's Get Technical.

Let's Get Technical.

Let’s Get Technical.

Education has always been important to us, and as part of our ongoing effort to keep you informed, we’re introducing this new series. Each week, we will define a term on our site that’s not as commonly known outside of the fragrance world.


What’s an accord? And why do I see it everywhere on Clean Beauty Collective’s site?

Think of an accord as a balanced blend of notes—and the building block for a fragrance. It’s a composite of two or three notes (sometimes, even more!) that are joined together so completely that you can’t smell one note of the other. They become a unique scent. If the accord satisfies how we want it to smell, we will continue to use it as a base.

From there, we can add in more notes or even more accords for a harmonious symphony of scents. Because accords are flexible, they can shift dramatically depending on which notes are added.