Across the Board: Skin

Notice how we have the same scents across our different collections? Take Skin, for example. There’s CLEAN CLASSIC Skin, CLEAN RESERVE Skin, and finally, CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Muguet & Skin. While they are all evocative of a close embrace, thanks to the musk-infused profile they all share, each Skin scent couldn’t be any more different, if you slow down and take in the smell. Read on to get to know how each one stands out from the rest.


As part of the original collection, CLEAN CLASSIC Skin is the lightest and most layerable. It derives the scent of bare skin from the notes of Vanilla. We also added White Musk for a creamy texture that pairs well CLEAN CLASSIC Skin’s fresh top notes of Lotus Blossom and Honeydew.

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CLEAN RESERVE Skin also finds its base in Vanilla, but the Vanilla in our Reserve Blend is sustainably sourced from Madagascar. In turn, our partnership supports their community initiatives, like providing safe drinking water and medical facilities, not to mention it helps support their reforestation efforts. To refine the Tonka Beans’ expression, our in-house perfumer added Salted Praline notes to heighten the sweetness. What that means for you? A smoother blend that perfectly pairs with soft musks.

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CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Muguet & Skin

That signature Vanilla note reminiscent of skin is made more intricate in CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Muguet & Skin. Our perfumer subdued the sweetness here by picking Muguet, a fresh floral known for its more subtle properties, as a main ingredient. The Praline and Musk from the Reserve Blend may still be discernible, but the less obvious ingredients are what round out the complexity of this fragrance. We couldn’t make such a beautiful scent without sustainably sourced Cardamom from Guatemala and Patchouli from Indonesia—where our partnerships help support the local farmers and their surrounding land reserves. Those added ingredients layer an unexpected note of nutty spiciness, for a rich blend that’s unified by those very differences.

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