How We're Giving Back for Earth Day (And Every Day)

How We're Giving Back for Earth Day (And Every Day)

At CLEAN BEAUTY COLLECTIVE, Earth Day is every day.

From our eco-conscious packaging to our high-quality ingredients, here at Clean Beauty Collective we always keep the planet in mind. Read on to see how we’ve been keeping it clean since 2003.

  • We sustainably source high quality ingredients.

  • Our Reserve and Avant Garden Collections are created with sustainably sourced ingredients and high-quality synthetics that’s proven to be safe for you—and the planet. Our promise? We never craft any fragrances with any ingredients that may potentially be linked to health or environmental issues. See them all on our No To list

  • We’re proud to partner with farmers who practice sustainable cultivation methods.

  • We partner with our fragrance houses to give back to the farmers and their communities who help us source these sustainable fragrances for you! They responsibly harvest ingredients to minimize our impact on the planet so we don’t unnecessarily deplete its natural resources. In return, we support their local initiatives, which help provide education, healthcare, and safe drinking water.

  • We use eco-conscious packaging.

  • Not only are our boxes and bottles 100% recyclable, we also made sure to use FSC-certified paper and compostable cellophane that’s derived from corn. That way, our fragrances never end up in landfills.

    Over 15 years ago, we made sure to take the simple, trusted, conscious way. Today, we hope you join the Clean Beauty Collective way too. Celebrate Earth Day with your own sustainably sourced scent.

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