Across the Board: Warm Cotton

Across the Board: Warm Cotton

Notice how we have the same scents across our different collections? Take Warm Cotton, for example. There’s CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton, CLEAN RESERVE Warm Cotton, and finally, CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden White Amber & Warm Cotton. While they all evoke the warm comfort of freshly laundered sheets, each scent offers its own unique interpretation and signature. Read on to get to know the defining feature of each one.


As part of the original collection, CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton is light and linear, with top notes of Citrus and Verbena blended in with dry down notes of Amber and Musk. The bright floral middle notes bring out that clean-sheets feeling.


CLEAN RESERVE Warm Cotton takes that cozy feeling even further, thanks to Benzoin, a balsamic sweet resin. Ours is sustainably sourced from Laos, where harvesters take much care to extract it. That’s the very reason we love working with partners whose commitment to the harvesters sustains their own long-term plans for local development initiatives. The resin exudes a distinct aroma, which is highlighted with Cardamom, Cedar Wood, and Sandalwood, and brightened by the Lemon Oil and Mint. It  makes for a wonderfully complex formula that still stays true to your own memories of warm cotton.

CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden White Amber & Warm Cotton

The signature notes reminiscent of warm cotton are made more elaborate in CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden White Amber & Warm Cotton. Our perfumer decided to highlight White Amber for its rich earthiness—but relatively light compared to Amber—and chose Bergamot, which is sustainably sourced from Italy, and Sandalwood from Sri Lanka, where it grows naturally. By complicating the more familiar scent of Warm Cotton, the Avant Garden version has a soft elegance for that extra touch of luxury.