Bite Into Spring with CLEAN CLASSIC Apple Blossom Perfume

Bite Into Spring with CLEAN CLASSIC Apple Blossom Perfume

There's something truly magical about scent. It has the power to transport us to far-off places, bring back memories of a loved one, or to simply make us feel good. And that's why we're so excited to share our CLEAN CLASSIC Apple Blossom perfume with you – it's a fruity and floral scent that's sure to awaken your senses and transport you to a world of fresh spring days and blooming apple trees, just in time for Spring!

This scent is a delicate and beautiful mix that starts off with top notes of fresh apples, juicy pear and refreshing grapefruit. The fragrance sinks into floral notes with watery jasmine, delicate freesia and soft peony. The finish balances out the fruity floral notes by incorporating natural musks and amberwood that round out and ground the fragrance. The result is a scent that's both fresh and fun, perfect for anyone who wants to embrace the spring in their step.

But what really sets our scents apart are the ingredients we use (and the ones we don’t), from perfume to packaging and beyond! We believe that when it comes to fragrance, you shouldn't have to choose between smelling good and feeling good. That's why we only use vetted and non-toxic ingredients, both natural and synthetic. We also make sure that our processes are cruelty-free and vegan, because we believe that being kind to the earth and its creatures is just as important as creating a clean, fun Spring scent!

As part of our CLEAN CLASSIC line, Apple Blossom is in good company as an understated fragrance that is ideal for everyday wear. It’s light, it’s easy and it’s linear, which in the perfume world means that the scent stays intact from the moment you spray it through the end of your day. 

If you’re curious, but not committed we can’t help but recommend our new CLEAN CLASSIC Rollerball Layering Collection Set. It’s the perfect way to try our CLEAN CLASSIC favorites and dip your toe into layering many variations of fragrances to find a unique and personal scent that’s all your own! 

Pro-Tip: a good starting point is to layer Apple Blossom with Rain.

While understated, CLEAN CLASSIC Apple Blossom is evocative. You'll feel like you're walking through an orchard in full bloom. While being reminded of the simple pleasures of life – the feeling of the sun on your face, the sound of the birds singing in the trees, and the smell of Spring fresh flowers in the air. It's a fragrance that will make you feel connected to nature, and to yourself.

So why not give our Apple Blossom a try? It's a floral fruity perfume that will make you feel wistful for a simpler time, but also excited for what the future holds. Because when you smell good and feel good, anything is possible.