Dr. Michelle Henry & Our EARTHDAY.ORG Partnership

Dr. Michelle Henry & Our EARTHDAY.ORG Partnership

For five years, Clean Beauty Collective has collaborated with EARTHDAY.ORG to give back to our planet. We started with helping raise awareness for endangered bees with our CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar fragrance in 2020 and most recently supported the Protect Our Species program with the launch CLEAN RESERVE Sparkling Sugar last year. 

Unveiling the CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU line of water-based fragrances at the end of 2023 is a celebration of our continued partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG into 2024.


Dr. Michelle Henry on Seaside Aromas for Protecting the Oceans

“I am happy to share with you the new CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU launch, which is in partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG for the fifth year in a row in their mission to protect our oceans,” says Dr. Michelle Henry, a board-certified dermatologist based in Manhattan, NY. “They’re launching eight new fragrances, all inspired by the ocean.”

The Earth Day 2024 goal is a 60% decrease in plastic production by 2040. Dr. Henry has years of experience in skin wellness that define her approach to the aromas in our H2EAU Discovery Gift Set.

“All eight fragrances were made with sensitive skin in mind,” Dr. Henry explains. “They’re hydrating, long-lasting and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.”    

  • Hydrating Formulas - Previous attempts at water-based fragrances have left skin feeling tacky. The H2EAU aromas are formulated to absorb quickly and hydrate skin with nature’s gentlest ingredient: water.
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance - Fast absorption means the aroma lasts longer. Each scent disperses over time and can be layered for unique aromatic profiles that convey your personality.
  • Gentle on Skin - Micro-emulsion technology called HYDRO-TEC™ was designed in partnership with Takasago International Corporation, combining perfume oils with water for a much gentler formula.

h2eau discovery set

8 Ocean Fragrances to Protect Our Seas

  1. Waterfall - Dewy mist inspired this aroma, which is based on aquatic notes with fresh apple blossoms and sweet watermelon, all balanced by earthy vetiver and musk.
  1. Brilliant Peony - A lush blend of pink peony and amber makes up the delicately sweet heart, while musk and sandalwood bring a rich seaside touch.
  1. Musk Noir - Lavish vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood create an intoxicating potion that’s only enhanced by opulent notes of aquatic lily and violet for flowery notes.
  1. Nectarine Petal - This springtime fragrance is based on dew and fruits, mixing nectarine with golden chamomile and peach blossoms. Sweet amber and musk add depth.
  1. Golden Citrus - Mandarin and bergamot energize you while the clean water accord refreshes. The soft, airy freshness comes from orange blossoms with neroli and musk.
  1. Water Lotus - This aquatic aroma blends whimsical waterlilies with cucumber water. Leaning into the floral allure, demure muguet and peonies accent sheer amber and soft musk.
  1. Amber Cashmere - Dream of being wrapped in warm cashmere by the sea, rooibos tea in hand with sparkling neroli in the air. Amber and vanilla embrace that luxurious scene.
  1. Emerald Oasis - Sparkling waters shape this fragrance, opening with grapefruit and bergamot mellowed by vetiver and soft woods. Orange blossoms and gentle musk take center stage.