Under The Stars: Taurus

Under The Stars: Taurus

Each zodiac season we dive into the persona of the corresponding sign. Plus, we reveal what the stars have in store for the month ahead and the perfect CLEAN scent to match.


Taurus: The Consistent Curator

(April 20th - May 20th)

Mantra: Slow and steady builds a life

Always: Shows up and works hard, keeps two feet on the ground and beautifies everything around them

Rarely: Acts spontaneously, strays from their routine or leaves the planning to someone else

Favorite Things: Cost/benefit ratios, being stubborn, time in nature, gourmet meals, high fashion, art exhibits and logistics

Born To: Chart a course and make it luxe

May Horoscope

May 2024 is forecasted to be a period of good luck in various areas of life for Taurus's! May will start on a high note, offering a sense of security from life's common problems. With their financial situation getting stronger and a steady flow of income, Taurus individuals will enjoy a sense of stability.

But, as the month continues, things may take an unexpected turn. Taurus's might experience a mysterious feeling of anxiety, initiating some overthinking. All the compliments you've been getting may start to feel undeserving, but shake it off, you got this!

These bouts of uncertainty might potentially cause some blunders, but this emotional turmoil won't hinder any creativity. A Taurus's work remains a perfect picture of consistency, reflecting their staunch commitment. Amid all these changes, Taurus individuals will seek emotional comfort from their significant others. Partner's need to show their Taurus other halves understanding and patience, in order to potentially avoid complications in their relationship.

Overall, May 2024 will commence as a month of good fortune for Taurus, defined by financial stability and success in their creative and social lives. However, it's important to not second guess yourself to avoid issues in these prominent areas. Remember that this phase is temporary and confidence in your abilities should remain undeterred. Through understanding and supportive partnerships, you can navigate these questionable times, continuing towards self-discovery and accomplishment.

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