H2EAU fragrances in water

Explore the New Wave in Fragrance: CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU

Come on in! The water’s perfect… And we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU. Inspired by nature's most calming element, we present a collection of extraordinary water-based fragrances that seamlessly fuse our dedication to sustainability, eco-conscious practices, and premium products, ensuring a delightful experience for even the most sensitive skin. So get your swimsuit and goggles ready and let’s dive deep into the new wave in fragrance…


Historically, the challenge for water-based fragrances has been longevity. This inspired us to develop our revolutionary micro-emulsion technology: H2EAU HYDRO-TEC. This proprietary technique enables the stable mixing of fragrance oil and water resulting in a fragrance that is long-lasting, while also being gentle, and hydrating. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, these water-based fragrances provide a refreshing alternative for those seeking a non-irritating and eco-conscious scent that actually benefits the skin. 

Model with H2eau fragrance

Fragrance with a Purpose

With the environment in mind, we have carefully selected sustainable ingredients and made the decision to continue our partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG. This time, our collaboration focuses on safeguarding the oceans and their essential inhabitants. By choosing CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU, you're not only choosing a delightful fragrance but also contributing to the protection of our precious oceans.

From Water to Fragrance

And let’s not forget about the most scent-sational part: the scents! We designed these fragrances to evoke the calming and refreshing qualities of water, offering a unique olfactory experience that resonates with the soothing power of this natural resource. So let’s dip our toes in and explore each wonderfully watery scent! 

Amber Cashmere: Elusive notes of rooibos tea and sparkling neroli layered over a bouquet of fine florals. A smooth, creamy blanket of amber, vanilla, and musk wraps the skin in cashmere luxury.

Brilliant Peony: Illuminating notes of pink peony and amber create a subtly sweet and floral heart. Musk and sandalwood add the final touch, making this fragrance radiate all day.

h2eau brilliant peony in water
Emerald Oasis: An effervescent burst of grapefruit and bergamot gives way to a sheer blend of vetiver and soft woods, infused with orange blossoms wrapped in weightless musk.

Golden Citrus: Sunny notes of mandarin and bergamot revitalize the senses, melding with orange blossom and neroli to create a soft, airy freshness on the skin.

Musk Noir: A signature dark "noir" musk, under notes of lily and violet, creates an alluring elegance. An intoxicating potion of rich vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood casts an unforgettable spell.

Nectarine Petal: Succulent nectarine journeys through a wild garden of golden chamomile and peach blossoms, settling into a radiant blend of sweet amber and musk.

nectarine petal

Waterfall: Sheer aquatic notes blend with bright apple blossoms and juicy watermelon, tempered by vetiver and musk for a perfectly balanced aquatic scent.

Water Lotus: Whimsical water lilies soak in cucumber water, while muguet and peonies drenched in sheer amber and soft musk cast a tender floral charm.

h2eau water lotus

Indulge in the elegance of CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU, where nature's beauty meets sustainable luxury. Hop aboard and join us on this olfactory journey that embraces the purity of water, leaving a lasting impression on your skin, your senses, and the planet.