Fragrances for a Fresh Start

Fragrances for a Fresh Start

New year, new perfume? While we love a signature scent you can turn to through every season of life, there’s also joy to be found in discovering something totally new to you, especially at a time of resetting and renewal. So if you’re looking to shake up your fragrance routine with scents that capture the feeling of a fresh start, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’re shining a spotlight on four fragrances that will inspire you to turn a new leaf this new year.


Launched earlier this year, CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap is one of the newest scents to join our lineup and one that’s ideal for the new year. With bright and crisp notes of Aldehydes and Mandarin, this unisex perfume inspires renewed energy and evokes feelings of freshness. Additionally, calming notes of Jasmine and Musk encourage you to make time for resting and recharging in what’s sure to be another busy year. Meanwhile, soothing Lavender, an aromatic flower that attracts butterflies, reminds you to continue your commitment to #FlutterForChange to protect these precious pollinators. 


Rain is an inherently cleansing element with the power to wash away yesterday and water soil for an even more abundant tomorrowand our refreshingly exotic CLEAN RESERVE Rain is no different! Crafted with watery notes of Cucumber and Dewy White Flowers as well as deeper tones of Patchouli and sustainably-sourced Vetiver from Haiti, this firm favorite has a rejuvenating quality that’s ideal for spritzing today as you prepare for sunshine tomorrow.


Sometimes we crave a softer kind of freshness, like the feeling of freshly washed tees straight from the dryer or of slipping beneath newly laundered sheets at a luxury hotel. Enter: CLEAN RESERVE Warm Cotton. Aldehydes, Ginger, and Mint Green give this clean perfume a bright, refreshing quality while base notes of Musk, Incense, and Vetiver envelope you in a warm embrace that’s never been more welcome than in the chilly month of January. Plus, if upping your eco advocacy is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, CLEAN RESERVE Warm Cotton is the perfect perfume for you as it features sustainably-sourced Benzoin from Laos.

CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden White Amber & Warm Cotton

Luxurious and spirit-enhancing, CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden White Amber & Warm Cotton takes the comfort you love in CLEAN RESERVE Warm Cotton and raises it. A floral bouquet of Jasmine Petals, Lilies, and Peony at the heart of this fragrance gives it a soft, mood-lifting quality, while Cassis Buds and Green Accord provide the piquant freshness you’re searching for at the beginning of a new year, and glowing Amber adds the warmth we crave in winter.