Fragrances for Family Fun

Fragrances for Family Fun

Struggling to plan activities for your upcoming family vacation? Let your favorite CLEAN BEAUTY fragrance inspire you! Below, we’ve compiled a list of activities for the whole family that take cues from some of our bestselling perfumes. Just find your signature scent and let it do the hard work of holiday planning for you!

CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal: Roast Campfire S’mores

A summer camping trip wouldn't be complete without making s’mores, and what better fragrance to inspire you to try this classic activity than CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal? This subtly spiced scent boasts woody notes that evoke a burning fire, as well as sweet Hazelnut Cream to summon thoughts of that delicious graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow combination. 

CLEAN CLASSIC Rain: Visit a Waterpark

Our most aquatic scent combines Watermint, Water Lily, and Fluid Musks to deliver a burst of pure freshness that’s just as invigorating as sliding down a waterslide and splash-landing in the cool pool below. 

CLEAN CLASSIC Cool Cotton: Head to the Drive-In 

Let this classic scent inspire you to enjoy a retro activity that makes seeing a new release movie feel even more special. Cozy yet airy notes of Lemon Zest, Mint, and Musk encourage you to curl up under a light blanket in your car, watching the big screen flicker to life under the stars. 

CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli: Take a Trip to the Shore

Crafted with Amber that offers a solar warmth and Neroli that’s as reinvigorating as a dip in the ocean, this summer staple encourages you to enjoy a sunny day by the sea. And while an afternoon of building sandcastles, catching up on summer reading, and splashing in the ocean certainly offers family fun, it’s important to make your next beach trip one that doesn’t harm our planet too. Check out our recent blog post to learn how you can be a conscious beach-goer on your next vacation.

CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Nude Santal & Heliotrope: Check Out a Museum

A scent that draws your attention to the finer things in life also implores you to spend time admiring masterpieces at your destination’s must-visit museum. Plus, its sophisticated blend of Cinnamon, Heliotrope, and Clearwood is ideal to wear as you and your family spend hours admiring art or learning about local history!