Unpacking Unisex Fragrances

Unpacking Unisex Fragrances

Let’s be clear: anyone can wear any fragrance because scents don’t have a gender! However, some our clean beauty perfumes are specifically created with unisex wearing in mind. Read on to unpack this with us.

What are unisex fragrances?

Unisex fragrances are scents designed to be worn by everyone, and are usually marketed this way too. They’re often a middle-ground between floral and fruit-forward perfumes, and those infused with deeper notes like wood and leather. 

Why does CLEAN BEAUTY create unisex fragrances?

At Clean Beauty we make creating unisex fragrances a priority because we value inclusivity! Additionally, we believe in designing fragrances for unique personalities, moments, and feelings rather than restrictive gender norms. For example, our iconic CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton was inspired by the scent of newly laundered tees straight from the dryer, and CLEAN CLASSIC Rain is ideal for a calm and relaxing day.

What makes unisex fragrances special? 

We love unisex scents because they can be easily swapped and shared with any fragrance lover in your life. Plus, their versatility makes them great for layering! 

Which CLEAN BEAUTY scents are unisex? 

Every CLEAN BEAUTY scent! However, our farm-to-fragrance CLEAN RESERVE collection was specifically designed for unisex wear. Our favorites for summer are: