Good Enough To Eat

Warm the soul this winter with feel-good food – and a fragrance to match! Get inspired by these perfect pairings to create moments that will delight more than one sense this season.

Toss a Winter Pear Salad with CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar

This popular perfume, created with Pear Nectar and naturally musky Ambrette Seeds, is both bright and layered – just like a winter pear salad! Prepare your plate with cheerful and healthy ingredients like kale, pomegranate, and, of course, pear to create a playful and hearty dish sure to please this winter.

Serve Lemon Roasted Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts with CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Nude Santal and Heliotrope

Crispy, roasted vegetables embody the warmth and comfort we crave in winter, perhaps none more so than traditionally festive potatoes and Brussel sprouts. Add lemon to give this classic combination a surprising yet delightful tang. This modern twist will perfectly parallel the refined notes of your perfume!


Indulge in Swedish Cardamom Buns with CLASSIC Simply Clean

 Filled and topped with spicy yet sweet cardamom, these knotted pastries are ready to outshine their cinnamon counterparts this season! Take time out of your busy day to enjoy this sweet treat with a warm drink and someone special, creating a moment that will complement the cozy and nostalgic scent of CLEAN CLASSIC Simply Clean.


Share a plate of Orange and Dark Chocolate Cookies with CLEAN RESERVE Amber Saffron

Flawlessly created with both Sicilian Orange and Orange Blossom, CLEAN RESERVE Amber Saffron was made to be paired with these crowd-favorite cookies. Inhale the awakening scent of orange zest as you bite into a shortbread-style cookie dipped delicately in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt.


Try a Hot Vanilla with CLEAN RESERVE Skin

You love hot chocolate, but have you tasted hot vanilla? This decadent treat, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon, is guaranteed to warm you up on winter days, while its deeply soothing scent will enhance the warm Vanilla Orchid and Fresh Musks notes of CLEAN RESERVE Skin.