Green The Globe: Green Gifting

Green The Globe: Green Gifting

Giving and receiving gifts is an undeniably joyful experience, but it’s also one that can create an overwhelming amount of waste. This season, go green with your gifting; enjoy a CLEAN and conscious holiday with these top tips. 


Make room for new items coming your way by finding useful new homes for things you don’t need anymore. You can make someone’s holidays a little bit brighter by donating old winter coats to your local shelter, and giving sealed and non-perishable foods to a food bank. 

Wrap Sustainably

Did you know most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? Shiny or metallic paper, as well as paper with glitter or texture, can’t be recycled. This year, take extra care to purchase recyclable paper, or paper that’s made from recycled materials.Take it to the next level and create your own! Draw on kraft paper or accessorize newspaper with pinecones, dried leaves, and reusable ribbons. Think you’re ready to eliminate wrapping paper completely? Opt for digital gifts like our CLEAN e-gift cards.

Gift Consciously

Make it a goal to transform each potential gift into an environmentally friendly one. Our CLEAN SPACE range provides the ultimate upcycling opportunity, with each product presented in a reusable container. Our Natural Soy Blend Candles are poured in chic glass votives, made for a second life as a succulent planter or accessories catch-all.

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