Green The Globe: Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Green The Globe: Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Our latest release, CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap, inspires us to find joy in feeling squeaky clean. And what better place to do that than in the bathroom? But it’s our responsibility to make sure our favorite activities—from invigorating showers to restorative bubble bathsdon’t damage the environment. Read on to find our tips for making your bathroom an eco-friendly haven.

Beware Harmful Ingredients

Parabens are preservatives often found in personal care products like shaving cream and toothpaste that can accumulate in animals and the environment when they travel into the sewage system. Similarly, many soaps and body washes include phthalates (substances that increase a material’s flexibility or help an ingredient dissolve) even though these can have detrimental effects on aquatic life. That’s why we say no to parabens and phthalates in all our fragrances, and recommend steering away from these when choosing bathroom products. 

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Turn To Nature

Checked the ingredient list of your favorite bath bomb and got a nasty surprise? Create an equally luxurious but infinitely more eco-friendly bathing experience with fruit and flowers from your garden. Slices of mandarin, the zesty fruit found in CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap, can be placed on the surface of your bath to provide an instant mood boost. Keeping a bouquet of lavender in your bathroom is another way to create a sense of aromatic calm without turning to harmful chemicals. 

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Ditch Disposables

Get inspired by our reusable glass fragrance bottles and swap disposable bathroom items with those you can turn to time and time again. You can start by switching cotton balls with reusable rounds made from bamboo, and plastic razors with stainless steel ones.

Reduce Shower Time 

Did you know the average person in the United States uses more than 69 gallons of water per day? You can help conserve this precious resource by taking shorter showers. Even reducing your shower time by a single minute can save about five gallons of water.