The CLEAN Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms are so special that choosing a Mother’s Day gift that shows how you feel can be overwhelming! Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a whole list of foolproof fragrances for every mother figure in your life. 

For The Romantic: CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur

With notes of Raspberry, Jasmine, and Damask Rose, this fairytale fragrance helps you show your love to a mom who sees romance and hope everywhere she goes.

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For The Travel-Obsessed Mom: CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli

If your mom loves vacationing in far-off lands but hasn’t been able to lately, gift CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Nerol! Crafted with citrus notes, this sheer and uplifting scent will transport her straight to Italian shores. 

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For The Busy Mom: CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap

The soft florals and calming Lavender in CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap help even the busiest of moms slow down to enjoy a moment of blissful relaxation. 

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For The Mom Friend: CLEAN SPACE Warm Cotton Natural Soy Blend Candle 

Show the friend who gives the best advice (and always carries Band-Aids in her purse!) you care this Mother’s Day with our CLEAN SPACE Warm Cotton Soy Blend Candle. Made with 100% vegan oil, this candle is reassuring and responsible - just like her!

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For The Plant Mom: CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Saguaro Blossom and Sand

Know someone who treats their cactus like their child? Treat them to a scent infused with gorgeous green notes like Ivy and Vetiver this Mother’s Day. 

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