Wonderful Wildflowers

Wonderful Wildflowers

The first full week of May is National Wildflower Week, an occasion started by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in 1987 to recognize wonderful wildflowers across the country! Read on to learn how you can join us in celebrating wildflowers this week and beyond. 

Why We Love Wildflowers

Native wildflowers aren’t just beautiful, they’re also an important part of our ecosystems. For example, goldenrods, the yellow shrub you’ll spot across the US, provide threatened monarch butterflies with nectar. 

Take a Flower Arranging Class

The CLEAN team will be honoring National Wildflower Week by making Zoom bloom at a virtual flower arranging class inspired by the fabulously floral notes of CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur. Join in on the fun by researching florists in your area that hold classes and make a plan to learn a new skill. 

Plant a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies need our help to survive and by planting native wildflowers in your garden, you can provide them with a valuable source of food. Plus, you’ll encourage these beautiful creatures to stick around and pollinate your other plants! Start by researching the butterflies native to your area. For example, if you live in northeastern states like New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, your garden could be a new home for the endangered Karner blue butterfly. Then, learn which native wildflowers these butterflies are attracted to and make a plan to plant them in your garden. 

Enjoy a Wildflower-Themed Dessert

Time to get creative! You could cut fruit to look like petals, try your hand at a flower-flavored cocktail, or decorate cupcakes to look like Spring Daisies, the delightful wildflower found in our watery fresh CLEAN CLASSIC Rain. 

Start Snapping

Rather than pick wildflowers, take a photo instead and upload it to EARTHDAY.ORG’s Global Earth Challenge app. You’ll be acting as a citizen scientist to help the organization paint a full picture of our environmental health so they can determine where and how we can act! 

Gift a Bouquet 

Make someone’s day by sending them unexpected flowers! Bouquets featuring Honeysuckle, the cheerful wildflower found in CLEAN RESERVE Sueded Oud, are a delightful choice for spring!