Celebrate Mother’s Day With CLEAN

Celebrate Mother’s Day With CLEAN

While many people are excited to safely see mom this Mother’s Day, for others, this isn’t possible quite yet. So whether you’re celebrating in person or from afar, we’ve got you covered with celebration inspiration. Read on to find our pick of Mother’s Day activities that can be adapted to every situation. 

Give a Gorgeous Gift

We know that choosing the perfect present for mom can be difficult—it’s not easy to select something that shows just how much you care! That’s why we made our CLEAN Mother’s Day Gift Guide. It’s filled with gift ideas for every type of mom, from the fitness fanatic to the plant parent! Whether you unwrap your choice together or you send it on its way, we’re sure a CLEAN surprise will put a smile on both your faces. Our top trending Mother’s Day fragrance this year is the floral and feminine CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur.

Host Brunch

Take it back to old times and spend the morning making breakfast in the kitchen together. Alternatively, arrange for a local restaurant to deliver pancakes to mom’s door and enjoy your own short stack over a video call. The one thing you must include on the menu? Mimosas! We think this champagne and citrus cocktail makes the perfect celebratory drink. 

Say It With Flowers

Bring mom a spring bouquet starring Sheer Gardenia and Jasmine, the flowers found in our breezy and feminine CLEAN CLASSIC Flower Fresh. If handing a posy to mom isn’t an option, why not tip-toe to her home in the morning and decorate the door with her favorite florals? It’ll be a thoughtful surprise she won’t forget!

Plant a Butterfly Garden

Make the eco-warrior mom’s day by offering to help plant a butterfly garden that provides threatened butterflies with a home. Start by researching which butterflies are native to your area and learning about the plants they need to survive—our guide to butterfly-friendly flora can help you here! Then visit your local nursery, find the supplies you need, and plant your new butterfly garden in an area that receives lots of sunshine. If you can’t be together, send mom everything she needs and ask for plenty of photographs of her handiwork!

Create a Spa Escape 

Treat mom to the ultimate self-care experience by gifting her an indulgent spa escape...at home! Check out our DIY Spa Escape guide to find ideas inspired by the soothing CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap. Then send a care package filled with spa supplies to her home, or run the bath and light those candles yourself. 

Plan a Getaway 

With the world slowly reopening and optimism in the air, now is a fantastic time to plan a trip with mom! Spend Sunday organizing your best vacation yet—or maybe it’s a reunion! You could book a staycation in your city, mark your calendars for a tour of the top attractions in your state, or perhaps even our CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli will tempt you towards an island escape.