Green the Globe: How You Can Help the Lady Bug

Green the Globe: How You Can Help the Lady Bug

Create a Lucky Ladybug Haven in Your Own Backyard

If you’re looking for a little extra luck this year, why not attract more ladybugs? The most popular ladybug meaning is centered on the good fortune it brings. Unlike the plants and other symbols of prosperity out there that need to be stumbled upon, this beautiful bug comes to you for a boost of serendipity. So, what’s luckier than a ladybug?

If you find yourself doubtful about the reputation of these adorable spotted little critters, that’s alright. You’re not the first to ask: Are ladybugs good luck? What does it mean if a ladybug lands on you? Whether or not you consider yourself superstitious, it is undeniable that these small, but mighty, bugs are lucky for our plants and the health of our planet.

Why Help the Ladybugs?

Ladybugs are phenomenal protectors of healthy ecosystems and plants. They mainly feed on the dreaded aphid, a small soft-bodied insect with sucking mouthpieces to help it feed on nutrient-rich plant sap. Aphids can cause critical damage to crops, particularly if their population runs out of control. But have no fear — the ladybug is here! Eating up to 50 aphids a day, the ladybug is an extremely effective biological controller of tiny soft-bodied pests, which can also include: flies, mites, scales and thrips.

On the speculative side, what does it mean when a ladybug lands on you? Expect a wave of good fortune when visited by this winged bug. Where it lands might change the exact details of your happy news, and it might be more of a heads up to change your life for the better yourself. A ladybug might rest on your shoe, meaning you should get started on a goal or breaking a bad habit.

What does a ladybug mean based on color, though? One of the rarest shades is the pupal green ladybug, which won’t have spots and will only be that color for one day. It adds extra prosperity to your good fortune. Orange brings creativity, yellow suggests a fresh start, pink inspires kindness, gray supports self-awareness, blue welcomes calmness into your life, brown invites stability, black encourages personal growth and white fosters peace of mind.

But how long does a ladybug bring good luck? The number of spots is believed to be how many years of fortune you’ll get from this cute critter.

ladybug on plant

How to Get Started…

One of the best ways to protect your garden, whether it be made of vegetables, herbs or fruits, is to learn how to attract ladybugs to do the work for you. A simple way to do so is by planting a variety of flowers that provide nectar and pollen to draw them in, such as daisies, cosmos and yarrow. Ladybugs also have a fondness for herbs, such as dill, fennel and cilantro.

Creating a Habitat for These Good-Luck Bugs:

If you’d like to create a suitable abode for ladybugs, they do very well in ladybug houses. Also known as “hotels.” They can be constructed out of wood, a birdhouse or an online kit, then packed with bamboo or small sticks and leaves to create safe nooks for the ladybugs to lay eggs. Place your ladybug house or hotel in a sunny, protected spot. Ideally, place it about 3 feet above the ground and in proximity to some of the pollen-heavy flowers.

Maintaining a Hospitable Environment:

Despite their hard work and adorable demeanor, ladybugs are endangered by pesticides, habitat destruction and climate change. To protect these important insects, use environmentally friendly pest control methods, such as releasing predatory insects or using natural repellents. As we’ve seen, habitat conservation is also crucial for ladybug protection, as these insects rely on specific types of plants for food and shelter.

Our Contribution With CLEAN RESERVE Sparkling Sugar:

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