How To Hygge Your Home

How To Hygge Your Home

Maybe you’ve heard of the Scandinavian trend that launched one thousand Pinterest boards? While it first reached interior design fame a few years ago, hygge, pronounced hue-guh, is still going strong. After a bit of internet sleuthing, we realized it’s actually neither an aesthetic nor a lifestyle—its true definition is much more meaningful. It’s a Danish word that describes a cozy or comforting feeling that creates a happy mood. It’s more about the awareness of a beautiful moment, no matter how small. And how this appreciation can brighten your day. It could be as simple as gathering with your near-and-dear friends. Or feeling the warmth of a soft cashmere sweater or a Warm Cotton fragrance. Here are 3 easy tips for creating hygge in your space.

#1 Light a candle (or two)

Nothing beats the soft, warm flicker of your favorite candles, except when they’re scented with a dreamy fragrance. Set an ultra-relaxing scene: light the Fresh Linens candle from our new CLEAN SPACE collection, grab a juicy novel and claim the couch for the night.

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#2 Host a weekend brunch

Easier than cooking a big dinner, hosting brunch is bound to make you feel good. Have your friends bring different chopped fruits to make a colorful fruit salad, and throw together a few frittatas. Put out our Warm Cotton reed diffuser for a welcoming, flame-free scent you don’t have to watch. You’ll create happy, comforting vibes by simply bringing everyone together.

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#3 Practice Gratitude

You can truly channel hygge at any moment when you create awareness and appreciate all that’s around you. Perk up your mood with a quick spritz of our Rain Linen & Room spray. Tell yourself at least one thing you're grateful for. Savor a perfect cup of coffee. And watch your day get a little bit brighter.

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