How to Try Something New without Leaving the Old Behind

How to Try Something New without Leaving the Old Behind

Scents of fall leaves, bonfires and pumpkin spice fill the crisp air when the harvest season begins. As the leaves change their colors, consider changing your routine, too, from light summer clothes and fruity aromas to warmer wear and warmer perfume scents.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an entirely new autumn perfume, travel sizes of your faves for your busy fall schedule, or a layered take on this complex scent season, the pros at Clean Beauty Collective have your back.

New Fall Scents to Add to Your Wardrobe

A transitional fragrance, perfect for embracing the new fall air, while keeping those summer memories in mind is CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli. It has a sheer freshness and a transformative illumination that will ease you into a new state of mind. The light blend of citrus and musk is perfect for this transitional time of year. 

A transitional fragrance is the perfect way to bridge your summer scent wardrobe into the leaves of change that September and October bring. Shake off that heatwave and sink into the earthy embrace of other fit-for-fall fragrances like CLEAN RESERVE Rain and CLEAN CLASSIC Fresh Linens.

How to Layer Warm Perfume Scents

If you can’t decide which fragrance to go with, try layering them! All of our fragrances fly solo just fine — but are made to be layered. While you’re used to layering cozy fall sweaters over flirty summer skirts and soft flannels over warm-weather tank tops, the idea of layering scents might not be so familiar. Autumn is the perfect time to give it a go!

Start with a simple base, like our Clean Classic Rain or Clean Reserve Skin. The understated softness of each creates a blank canvas on which to build your signature scent.

Then be brave! Experiment with CLEAN RESERVE Skin on one wrist and something woody and earthy on the other, like CLEAN RESERVE Sel Sental, for a rich fall perfume experience. Or embrace the season by bringing in warm perfume scents, like Clean Reserve staples Warm Cotton and Rain.

It’s best to stick with pairings of two scents at first. Once you’re more comfortable with layering, it’s cool to amp it up to three or more. And if you’re not really into the trial-and-error method, opt for our Clean Reserve Avant Garden Collection where our perfumers have done the layering for you.

Travel Size Perfume for an Autumn Lift on the Go

Wherever this colorful season takes you — from apple-picking adventures and leaf-peeping getaways to early morning workouts and late afternoon tailgate parties — our travel size perfume collection brings your signature scent along. Toss a Classic or Reserve Sample Set in your gym bag or give a Fresh Earth Layering Set as a thoughtful gift to the Virgo or Libra in your life. 

Embrace autumn in the spaces where you work, play and live with our Clean Space Collection of scents for your home. A clean-burning, natural soy blend candle warms up any room, and our Liquid Reed Diffusers subtly set the mood for the change of seasons. Get an instant uplift anywhere with our Linen & Room Spray clearing away the bad mojo on your running shoes, drapes, car interior and more.