Green the Globe with Clean Reserve's Buriti and Aloe Purifying Body Wash and Body Lotion

Green the Globe with Clean Reserve's Buriti and Aloe Purifying Body Wash and Body Lotion

It's Clean and Green Week!

‘Tis the season to redouble your efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle with the launch of the latest addition to your skincare routine and our green beauty products lineup: Buriti & Aloe Purifying Body Wash and Buriti Hydrating Body Lotion. Learn how these revitalizing body products aligns with your planet-friendly values by featuring sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging — and get our pro tips for greening up your home, inside and out, during this week dedicated to Mother Earth.

What Is Clean and Green Week?

It’s commonly understood that years of unchecked human intervention is harming this planet. But back in 1990, the idea of dedicating an entire week to exploring efforts to undo that damage was a novel concept. That’s the year the government of Singapore took its “keep clean” efforts beyond city streets, developing programs that encouraged citizens to become stewards of the wider environment. Featuring an adorable frog mascot named Captain Green, the campaign enlisted everyone from school children to oil companies for participation in recycling, conserving energy and buying earth-friendly products. It took a while, but the idea caught on outside Southeast Asia. This year, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe observe this week by rededicating themselves to making cleaner, more mindful choices for the greater good.

What Is Buriti & Aloe Purifying Body Wash and Buriti Hydrating Body Lotion?

Say hello to your new self-care BFF! Buriti & Aloe Purifying Body Wash reimagines the shower experience by bringing together our decades of expertise crafting world-class fragrances with our passion for responsible sourcing and sustainable ingredients. This paraben-free body wash fills your shower with a light, energizing citrus scent. Gently cleansing away dirt, grime and all your cares, the awakening wash leaves your skin feeling supple and soothed.

Eco-conscious Buriti Oil in both the body wash and Buriti Hydrating Body Lotion, indulgently moisturizes while giving back through a long-term partnership to improve the lives of farmers and their communities who cultivate this ingredient with minimal impact on the planet. Plus, Buriti & Aloe Purifying Body Wash and Buriti Hydrating Body Lotion packaging is 100% recyclable. Body products never looked so green!

How Does Clean Beauty Help the Planet?

CLEAN RESERVE is proud to be a simple, trusted, conscious brand. We pour our hearts and souls into unique fragrances and skincare products you can feel good about including in your eco-friendly bathroom and daily routine. Some of the ways we participate in ensuring a better planet for future generations include opting for eco-conscious packaging, choosing to collaborate with partners that employ green manufacturing processes, selecting responsibly sourced, sustainable ingredients that give back and pledging to never test on animals.

We are also proud sponsors of and its Protect Our Species campaign with a mission to bring awareness to the importance of protecting our planet’s pollinators and restoring biodiversity on planet Earth. Whether you’re helping out by going vegan, starting a compost pile, or simply upcycling containers from your CLEAN RESERVE faves, you are part of the solution we are building together. Let’s celebrate our eco-consciousness, even after Clean and Green Week is over.